UNG Parents & Family Association

Supporting parents, families, and students

Parents of college students know their students are not quite the grown-up adults they think they are, but they are way past being the children we still wish they were. This can be a very difficult time for parents. Some will suffer terrible “empty-nest” syndrome and separation anxiety, while others will rejoice in having the extra bedroom for storing the “junk” or just having a little peace and quiet in the house for the first time in 18 years.

Through the Parents Association at North Georgia College & State University, you can be a part of your college student's new life, beyond just signing the tuition checks and opening the pocketbook. You can be as active as you choose to be as a volunteer parent for campus events or you can merely enjoy the member's parking pass and the Parent's Guide, which contains information gained by those of us who have learned our lessons the hard way.

Your membership fees are funneled back into the university to support student and faculty needs, such as emergency loan funds, purchasing items to enhance student life, and to fund events to offer support to students and faculty during campus events. Through the Parents Association, you will be able to stay in touch with and share your student's world.

Parents Association Officers, 2013-2014

President: Gayle Evans

Vice President: Nan Waters

Secretary: Melinda Mistr

Treasurer: Becky Hebert

Parents Association

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